Brewing Change

by Team MDS on Mar 25, 2024

Brewing Change

Leading the Charge in Sustainable Leather Production Amidst Water Scarcity

Thirst for Change: Water Conservation Amidst Droughts

In the heart of the Western Cape's captivating landscapes, we remain committed to making a positive impact, addressing the critical issue of water scarcity amid a changing climate. As the world grapples with the far-reaching impacts of climate change, we have emerged as a local industry forebearer in the realm of leather production and the responsible use and conservation of water.

The Harvest and Reinvestment of Water

Our commitment to water conservation takes centre stage with strategic initiatives to reduce dependence on municipal water sources. Positioned amidst the breathtaking scenery, we have strategically placed tanks capable of collecting an impressive 10,000 litres of each borehole water and rainwater runoff. This harvested water becomes a crucial ingredient in leather production, significantly reducing the burden on local water supplies. A specially designed drainage system on the plant floor ensures efficient water recycling throughout the factory, symbolising our dedication to preserving this invaluable resource.

Recycling H20, Olympic Pools and Coffee cups

Our dedication to water recycling is backed by our ability to showcase a remarkable 30% reduction in water usage since 2015. By minimising reliance on municipal water sources, we have ensured our operations lessened the impact on local watersheds and rivers, including the vital Bains Kloof and Du Toit Kloof passes. This commitment translates into 15 million cups of coffee worth of water savings annually—equivalent to filling 1.5 Olympic-sized swimming pools.

Stringent Standards: Compliance and Weekly Testing

At Mossop Leather, our dedication to environmental responsibility is further underscored by our rigorous compliance with local bylaws. As a company, we conduct weekly tests on its effluent to guarantee that treated wastewater adheres to the highest standards. Regular visits by municipal authorities testify to Mossop Leather's unwavering commitment to environmental stewardship.

Closing the Loop: Drakenstein Water and Berg River Ecosystem

In a circular approach to water usage, Mossop Leather recycles a substantial amount of treated wastewater and partners with Drakenstein Water for additional treatment. The treated water is then reintegrated into the Berg River ecosystem, contributing to the health and sustainability of this vital waterway.

In an age where climate responsibility is paramount, we at Mossop Leather are making it our mission to be conscious about our leather production. By prioritising water conservation and implementing innovative solutions, Mossop Leather is creating high-quality leather and nurturing the precious water resources that sustain us all. Their journey is a resounding commitment to a sustainable future—one drop of water at a time; we encourage our tanneries to take up the challenge.