Who We Are

One Vision. One Family


Our team of 200 employees mirrors the ethnic demographic representation of the region.


Est. in 1846, exports high-quality leather to Europe, the Indian sub-continent, and the Far East.


Wellington, nestled at the foot of the Groenberg on the Kromme Rivier, is the central hub of the Cape Winelands


Our monthly production capacity includes 2,000,000 square feet of shoe upper and upholstery leather, along with 600,000 square feet of laminated split leather.


Mossop Leather is a privately owned company with the Rahman family from India; and the Bolton and Beier families from South Africa, the shareholders.


We are the first tannery in the world who are committed to plant a (Porkbush) Portulacaria Afra garden and will reserve half a hectare to grow this wonderplant.

Our Heritage

Throughout generations, Mossop Leather's endeavours have been intricately linked with the significant events within the southern region of this continent. Its longstanding history mirrors that of South Africa over the past 175 years: Despite setbacks and national challenges, there have also been instances of innovation and triumph. This journey has been shared by all stakeholders and shareholders, culminating in Mossop Leather's status as a resilient and flourishing workplace, currently employing over 200 individuals.

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To effectively coordinate all facets of Mossop Leather, we depend greatly on our exceptional team comprising office administrators, factory supervisors, gardeners, managers, lab assistants, technical specialists, and human resources personnel. At Mossop Leather, we offer a range of enticing employment prospects.

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Our Values

We have trust and respect for individuals
We focus on a high level of achievement and contribution
We conduct our business with uncompromising integrity
We achieve our common objectives through teamwork
We encourage flexibility and innovation
Resilience and stamina


To be the preferred supplier of leather manufacturing solutions through innovation and commitment to excellence, enhancing value to all Stakeholders.

Our Vision

Continue to be a world class tannery that offers exceptional products, employment security and value to all we come into contact with.