Our Lab

In the realm of those enraptured by leather, a breed of minds captivated by the tapestry of African landscapes, textures, and cultures, a curious alchemy unfolds. Here, science dances with art, weaving a fabric that is felt as much as seen. This is a world where the exploration of materials becomes an art form, blending seamlessly with ancient practices and traditions.

Research, Innovation & Development

In the world of OUR LAB Department, our mission is to transform the humble raw material of leather into exquisite creations. We invite our leather technologists and customers alike to dream up practical wonders across four realms: the tannery, the bustling production house (think shoe factory), the vibrant marketplace, and even the afterlife of wear—ensuring each step is economically and environmentally sound.

Today's designers and leather artisans are urged to intimately understand the end product. What technical qualities must their leather articles possess? From weight to softness, from the manufacturing process—whether heavy-handed or meticulously crafted by hand—to considerations like abrasion resistance and colorfastness, every detail finds its answer in our Lab. Here, these queries culminate in the birth of a successful shoe, bag, or wallet, each a testament to the artistry and vision of its creator.


Celerity to market reigns supreme,

our collection of leathers is meticulously crafted

to cater to the demands of civilian footwear

design and production. This proposition is not

only proven and reliable but also comes

in a spectrum of hues, affectionately

referred to as our shades.

Waxy Pull Up

In this collection, one finds a magnificent, robust leather, possessing the unmistakable grain of Bovine. Perfectly suited for unlined boots, the finish, enriched with natural waxes, preserves and enriches the full, natural essence of this charming and enduring lifestyle leather. Our range in this category includes the pressed embossed Commando article, the antiqued Aviator, and the smooth drag touch of the Tugela, each offering a unique and distinguished appeal.

Waxy Options




Oily Pull Up

This category of our range features skins finished with antiquing and a natural oil finish, resulting in a quick plate for a smooth grain aspect. These skins are fully aniline with a rich, deep pull-up.

Oily Pull Options



Our Nubuck Range

Our Nubuck range is sophisticated fashion footwear set of articles that possesses a character entirely its own. Crafted with our original pearled crust tannage, meticulously retanned twice for beautiful luster and velvet feel, it boasts a tight fiber structure that resists any unwelcome 'opening' or stretching over the toe. Available in an array of looks, from embossed patterns to a waxy, wet appearance, it effortlessly combines natural texture with a rich palette of colors.

Nubuck Options

Waxy Nubuck



Floater & Nappa

Our Floater and Nappa collection boasts a meticulously crafted shrunken grain tannage, delivering a breathtakingly drawn natural grain adorned with a pure aniline finish. Whether in lighter or heavier substances, this range exudes elegance and sophistication.

Floater & Nappa Options



Pigmented Smooth

In our Natuur range, you'll find the exquisite allure of full grain, full chrome leather, boasting an alluring medium shine and a delightful array of hues.

Pigmented Smooth Options

Natuur Smooth

Natuur Smooth

Smooth Softee

In celebration of our longstanding success with the delightful floater and nappa articles, and drawing upon carefully selected hides, we have ingeniously united our traditional upholstery crust tannage with a harmonious blend of "classic" waxes. The result is a truly distinctive pure-aniline character in this captivatingly old-new article.

Smooth Softee Options


Discover Our New Shades & Colours

Introducing Mossop Leather's latest range of Shades, offering a stunning array of colours and articles to elevate your leather projects. Our Shades are designed to keep pace with fast-changing fashion trends, and we're excited to launch the program to ensure you have access to the latest colours whenever you need them. 

Our Shades, also known as colours, are available on our range of articles. You can request any available colour. Please note that some colours may require a minimum order quantity (MOQ) or surcharge to ensure consistency to achieve the desired results.

Our Shades are available on request in each of the following articles categories:

  • Waxy Pull-ups - 1.8/2.2 mm, size 18-20 sqft
  • Oily Pull-ups - 1.8/2.2 mm, size 18-20 sqft
  • Nubucks - 1.2/2.2 mm, size 18-20 sqft
  • Pigment Smooth - 1.4/2.0 size 18-20 sqft
  • Floaters - 1.6/2.0mm size 18-20 sqft
  • Natans - 1.3-1.5mm size 18-20 sqft
  • Smooth Softee - 1.4/1.6mm size 18-20 sqft

Our Shades

MC 03 Terracotta

MC 50 Wine

MC 01 Sun

MC 04 Rust

MC 19 Walnut

MC 02 Mustard

MC 05 Salmon

MC 05 Plum

MC 06 Crimson

MC 07 Fuscia

MC 13 Meadow

MC 43 Charcoal

MC 14 Slate

MC 09 Pacific

MC 10 Midnight

MC 37- Pecan

MC 22 Bone

MC 11 Mint

MC 12 Jade

MC 16 Biscuit

MC 23 Desert

MC 24 Beige

MC 18 Toffee

MC 32 Coffee

MC 28 Gelato

MC 35 Russet

MC 17 Caramel

MC 49 Rosewood

MC 27 Espresso

MC 45 Jet Black

MC 44 Black

MC 34 Ash

MC 31 Cinnamon

MC 42 Black Choc

MC 39 Jeans

MC 31 Amber

MC 30 Cedar

MC 40 Syrup

MC 29 Tuscan

MC 20 Hazelnut

MC 26 Latte

MC 46 Avo

MC 25 Fawn

MC 41 Saddle Tan

MC 21 Mocha

MC 15 Linen

MC 47 Moss

MC 48 Hunter

MC 33 Black Cherry

MC38 Denim

Additional Information

  • Adding Optimum Leather technology may result in a surcharge.
  • If you have a concept or idea and would like to get an idea of the associated cost, please fill in the PDF form below and send it to our Sales team.
  • For requests to develop a new Article and colour, please complete the Product Development Checklist. Please note there will be a fixed fee for new concept sample.
  • Please note that may colour variation based on selection of article.
  • Ordering our book with 50 colours is simple! Just send your request via email to sales@mossop.co.za.

Explore the world of Mossop Leather's Shades and Colours today and bring your leather creations to life.

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