Leather comes in a range of different cuts and sizes. Here are some of them:

Leather Terminology Explained:

Aniline: Dyes and finishes that contain no pigment that shows the natural markings or characteristics of the hide.

Semi-Aniline: It is Aniline leather to which a minimal matching pigment layer is added to even out the colour and adds protection.

Cementable: Refers to leather/s that can be glued as a means of final attachment during the construction of leathergoods.

Combination Tan: Using more than one tanning process on one hide. Different results are possible when the leather is treated more than once. For example, it can be made softer and more flexible or firmer with a tighter grain.

Chrome-Tanned: Or also known as Mineral–tanned, by using chromium sulphate, that is soft and flexible, suppler and more pliable with many colour options available.

Corrected Grain: Leather that has been sanded or buffed to make its surface more even and uniform. It also removes blemishes.

Oil-Tanned: Soft, flexible and durable. Usually thick and can leave an oil residue.

Substance: Is the thickness of the material, usually in millimetres.

Full Grain: Leather that has its surface left completely intact, showing all natural characteristics of the hide. It retains all of the original texture and markings of the original hide.

Hot Stuffed: Leather that has been nourished and conditioned with unrefined oils and greases. This is achieved without the use of water and emulsifiers and gives a much richer feel. Hot stuffed leathers typically exhibit pull-up and good water resistance.

Pasted: Leather that has been dried by fixing it to large glass or ceramic plates. Pasted leathers have very little stretch and smooth grain character.

Pigmented Leather: Has been coated with a flat surface colour on top of or instead of the usual dye finish. Done to add durability and to hide natural blemishes.

Split Leather: Made from the lower level of a hide, split from full grain leaving a grain and a split. Split Leather is mainly used for suedes, linings or pigmented finishes.

Mill-Dyed: Leather that has had dyes introduced during retannage. Also referred to as drum-dyed.

Toggled: Leather that has been air-dried after being stretched on a metal screen and clamped into place.

Grade: Reflects the finished quality of the hide.