Five Mossop cows roam our amphitheatre. They represent our responsibility towards society:
1.1 Quality Education
1.2 Peace and Justice & Strong Institution
1.3 Reduced inequality
1.4 Good Health and Wellbeing
1.5 Reduce Poverty

We see our impact on society as crucial to our business. As an African Tannery, we have unique challenges. We have identified areas where we believe we can contribute to our community. The youth are a segment of our population most affected by economic hardship. The skills development of the next generation is an essential part of the solution to tackling these hardships. Lagging socio-economic development and a legacy of Apartheid continue to plague South Africa. Mossop has developed initiatives that are assisting in building a more balanced society.


Ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities which benefit all.

In South Africa, the unemployment rate is 32,6%. This rate is 46,3% among young people aged 15 – 34 years,implying that almost one in every two young people in the population did not have a job in the first quarter of 2021. 38% of our workforce (Mossop) is under the age of 34 years. The percentage has consistently grown year on year.

A Window To Tomorrow

Workplace skills plan:
We are keen on developing the next generation of leather innovators. Mossop offers young unemployed South Africans the chance to gain an education, work experience and skillset in the manufacturing sector. We run an unemployed Learnership program, as well as a work integrated internship for workplace experience.

The unemployed Learnerships:
It is an internal training program funded by the Sector Education and Training Authority(SETA) and coordinated by Mossop Leather. Our training Staff present fundamental and core models to the learners. The factory floor (Finishing and Retan) forms part of the practical components of the training. Fifteen students were found competent in 2020. We permanently employed ten of these students in March 2021. The program over the years has shown itself to be very successful, with learners from the program taking up Junior Manager positions at the tannery.

Internship Program: Also a SETA funded program, this positions students who have completed a national certificate level 6 into our business for practical training. When the students complete their 18 months of training, new students take their place. Each intake is of three students from Boland College (a local institution in the area ). After completing their training with us, the students enter the job market as competent potential employees. More than half of past students have found permanent placements after being with Mossop Leather, proving that the program provides skills practical to the job market.


Promote a peaceful and inclusive workplace for sustainable development, provide access to justice for all and build an effective, accountable and inclusive business at all levels. This goal guides our talent and employees in their approach to learning and work, enabling ethically credible individuals involved at Mossop.


The role of the Committee is to assist the Mossop’s group board with the oversight of social and ethical matters relating to the company and is chaired by an independent non-executive director .It is guided by the legal framework within which the company functions as well as the ten principles contained in the UN global Compact.

The responsibility of the committee are as follows:


Our Equal Employment Plan and No Harassment Policy means Mossop Leather is committed to ensuring ethical and fair standards set at our tannery. The plan has been running since 2018 and has successfully developed diverse management groups, diverse in both culture and gender.

Our staff is reflective of the region’s ethnic demographic representation.


Mossop is committed to responsibly conducting our business to ensure the well-being of all employees, contractors, visitors, and our community. We do this through various policies, committees, infrastructure and compliance agreements.

Fast Fact: We are one of the largest employers in the town of Wellington, Western Cape. Employing around 175 people who support households on average of three or more family members.

On-site Clinic:
A medical sister is available twice a week for family planning, medical evaluation, drug test, screening and dispensing of medication for minor aliments. We provide yearly flu shots. All employees have access to medical cover through individual plans or through bargaining council arrangements.

Optometry and Dentistry:
For employees that are a member of a Union. The following is available to them; eye testing and discounted spectacles from an optometrist and subsidized dentist visits.

Mossop offers voluntary counselling and assistance with planning for the future. The clinic assists employees seeking advice about family planning and the responsibility regarding raising a family. The United Nations described family planning as central to gender equality and women's empowerment.


To reduce poverty levels in our region, Mossop financially supports selected NGO's that focus on the education and nutrition of our youth.

Equal development starts at the grassroots. Children who have access to education lay the foundation of a sustainable workforce. 

Did you know:  When trying to find Spekboom for our garden, we came across a local community member who goes by the name Mamma Rose. Rose uses the proceeds she generates from the sale of plants to fund a school that provides meals and tuition to underprivileged children in her area.